This is not a story, just a referral for when working with colours in PHP, WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).

I saved it here as some form of reference, sorry if it makes no sense :-(

Here’s a custom PHP solution that we’ve used for one of our projects…

“What keeps me motivated?

Well, in short…I’m here (raises one hand), all of my dreams and aspirations are here (raises the other), and the only thing in between these two points is a bunch of work.

So, tackling that work is a way of moving this needle (the distance between himself & his dreams).

That’s all the motivation I need. I love progress, in any manifestation. I’ve never struggled with motivation…ever.”



I have had this issue a few times, especially after switching monitors and fiddling around with the display.

This solutions serves as my reference and also hopefully as a reference for anyone else struggling to find a solution online.

How to resolve the issue:

  • Hold “Alt” + “Space”
  • Choose move from the popup menu
  • And then use your mouse cursor to move the window
  • Close FileZilla and reopen it. It will now open in the last position it was saved.
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Archie Makuwa

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